Trials, Triathlons and Love

What ever happened to being “well rounded”?  This was the mantra in my house growing up, to strive to be well-rounded.  The trend now urges our young people to become “experts” and to specialize in their field, to pick one thing and become an outlier in that one thing.  Please explain to me how you do this when you’re still five years shy of 30.  Who in their right mind will listen to you about anything?

2012 saw an explosive debate around having it all, but aren’t our kids getting the message that is not the goal?  How do you grow up thinking you need to be an expert and then you’re supposed to turn around and have it ALL?  Bait and switch much???  I’m here to tell you that the key to your happiness is to follow your heart…in all the directions that it takes you.

Most of the time, when people say “follow your heart” it is in terms of one decision you’re struggling with.”Oh hon, just follow your heart” about which man to date exclusively.  If you’re deciding between jobs, “just follow your heart” and you’ll land at the right spot.  These days, we are all masters of multitasking, and I say embrace that and follow your heart….everywhere!

I became a lawyer, fell in love with a single father, and started competing in triathlons all within a couple of years.  Bear in mind this included graduating law school, studying for and passing the bar, getting my legal career off the ground, three moves, one enormous dog, buying my first car, learning how to bike, and starting a blog.  Sounds tiring when I write it out like that.  But it wasn’t tiring, it was the most invigorating few years of my life and I loved it.  The whims of my heart brought me to Ireland, the inside of many courtrooms, taking depositions with 10 experienced male lawyers watching, and the hills of New England for races.  

So while it may be impossible to have it all (jury is still out), it is possible to have all you want.

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