Most Days

6:00 am: Alarm blaring.  I hate that sound so much I want to stomp on my phone.

6:02 am: Temper tantrum over.  Go back to sleep.

6:15 am: Snooze function means alarm blaring again already.  Repeat temper tantrum.  I have a decision to make.  Do I get up and try to get my too-long triathlon workout in before work?  Can I even do it all before work?  Well if I can’t do the whole workout before work, why do it at all? Can’t I do it after work? I have this conversation with myself every. Single. Day.  Sometimes I even succeed at getting up and getting my training done.

7:30 am: Absolute deadline for starting the get clean, get dressed process.

8:18 am: Trying to look casual as I run down the street in a suit (anyone else’s eyes tear uncontrollably when they run?) so I don’t miss the boat.  Look like I’ve been crying when I get on the boat.

8:30 am: Ahhhhh. Reading on the boat.  Chugging over Boston harbor and enjoying the city skyline.

8:40 am: Walk with purpose up State Street, narrowly missing angry car drivers (and thinking they should take a boat to work and be zen like me).

8:50 am: DUNKIN DONUTS!!!  Say hi to Aida, I wait extra minutes in line just so she’ll make my coffee.

8:55 am: Work! Good morning world!

9:00 am – 5:00 pm: (okay, the hours vary dramatically, but still…) Work, laugh, work, laugh, work and laugh, meetings, talk, talk, talk, meetings, work work work, and probably some more laughs.  (Healthy amounts of laughter in our office…it keeps us young.  Shoutout to my coworkers, love you guys!)

5:45 pm: Watch the lights twinkle as I chug back home on the boat.

6:00 pm – sleep: I liken these hours to a crock pot.  Try and throw it all in and make something tasty in a few hours.

Does this kind of schedule seem ridiculously easy to you too? Many of us stick to a somewhat regular schedule during the workweek, so how is it that so many of us have yet to master our days? Because of all of our interests competing for our time.  I want to get up early and kick some training butt, and I want to stay out late with my friends drinking wine.  I want to excel at the office, and spend quality time with my boyfriend.

I know exactly what I need to fit in, a general idea of what’s important to me, good work-life balance, and yet I still go to battle with my alarm in the morning.  I can feel harmony just out of my reach, taunting me.  Sometimes I get a little closer, sometimes a little farther away.  Maybe, if I get out of my own way, harmony and I can get acquainted.  Or maybe this seesaw is what life is all about.

I'd love to hear what you think!

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