Spring Training


It’s March, the weather is trying desperately to improve itself.  People are whispering “spring” like if they are too loud, they will scare the whole season away.  Who knows, in Boston, that might be possible. But Spring is marching toward us nonetheless, the time when we in the Northeast shed our winter coats, and our winter pounds?, and look forward to bright, warm days and jump into our activities, our work, our lives with renewed vigor. Extra hours of sunshine chase away our doldrums and melt the frozen earth.

For those of us who train, this defrosting opens up the world again. Although I hesitate to call our weather good just yet, just nominally better weather brings a universe of opportunity to anyone active in sports. Better weather also brings with it the pressure to squeeze every last drop out of Spring and Summer before we are plunged into arctic cold for another round with old man winter.

So, while I could get away with sleeping until 7:30 AM in December, because I had no races and nothing to train for, that just isn’t the case anymore.  With Spring comes both a time crunch and, fortunately, longer days to accommodate my ambitions. I’m climbing up the triathlon ladder this season, going for broke. I really couldn’t be more excited.  Changing the clocks, the warming temperatures, it all puts a hum in the air.

Spring training used to mean the time when the Red Sox played in Florida. Then it meant taking a weeklong trip with my college tennis team to somewhere like Daytona Beach. Now, spring training means shaking off the cold that settled into my bones, getting back in shape and somehow managing to work, and work out, enough to keep my life moving forward. To keep achieving goals. Somehow, it really just means training for life. Spring is our time of collective renewal.  Because if the weather is good, we want our lives to be going well too, right?

When I jog down the river, I can look at the sun glistening off the water, and off the buildings, see the golden dome of the state house glittering in the distance and I feel like I’m running towards something. This exhilarating feeling leaks into every detail of your life, propelling you forward and you never have more velocity than when you’re at the top of the hill, hurtling towards the heat of summer, feeling hopeful.

6 thoughts on “Spring Training

  1. food4thesoul93 says:

    Hey “limber…” it sounds as if you are all ready to get out there and satisfy a “nature loving” soul! Good for you. I played sports for many years, but our team coaches didn’t care if it was 5:30 AM and just over 30 degrees out. “Run…shake it out…” those were the constant instructions.

    Well, now, I schedule my own stuff, and it isn’t under any of those conditions. Thanks for visiting and hitting the “like” button. Your “business” is much appreciated!

    Take care,

    • thelimberlawyer says:

      Thanks for the commnet Skip! I very much enjoy your posts. As for getting out there and exercising, I appreciate being able to make my own schedule with it and take the weather into account. Especially in the northeast!

      • food4thesoul93 says:

        The “Atlantic Coasters” sure do get some of the nastiest stuff! You guys need a warm ocean like we have in California. To tell the truth, I hate living here, except for the mild weather.

        Thanks for the compliments, and I hope to be able to look in on your site more often. Continued success…


  2. realtalkrealdebate says:

    I’m one of those waiting for Spring…it’s below normal (temperature wise) and I’m wondering what month we are in again. Good luck on your races 🙂

    Trying to motivate myself to post. I have 3 topics in mind. Been so busy as of late I feel like I’m letting my followers down.

    • thelimberlawyer says:

      I was poking around looking for posts from you…but I didn’t feel let down. It’s all part of the blogging experience. I’ve been traveling so much I have barely been posting. And then when I have the time, all I want to do is write. We’re all human 🙂

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