Summer Break

Relaxing on the beach

Remember when you weren’t so old and adult-y and school ended and you had never been so excited in all your life? Summer break, is what we called it. I spent most years going to camps, annoying my mother, trying to tan my Irish skin and sometimes even interning. And then you’d go back to school in September more enthusiastic than ever. It’s incredible how a summer break makes going back to school exciting for kids. They shop for new backpacks and colored pens, buy new clothes and hit campus stylish and rested.

WHAT HAPPENED? Summer is, hands down, still the most fun time of the year. But it’s complicated. Oh, is it complicated. By your job. And your travel plans. And your hobbies. And your family vacation. And nearly every single one of your friends getting engaged. Summer is THE most busy season of the year and by the time September rolls around, I don’t feel stylish and rested so much as exhausted and depleted. 

Let’s bring back summer break. Like the French. The entire country goes on vacation in August for 5 weeks. They kick back with their friends or families, go to the coast, and basically live the dream. French people live the dream every day, though, don’t they? Hm. Americans could do with two weeks of a national vacation. You wouldn’t have to worry about what you were missing at the office. You wouldn’t have to worry what social outing you were missing in the city. There would be no such appreciated summer break in the history of summer breaks. Because, frankly, us twenty-somethings appreciated nothing until the day we stopped going to school every day and had to pay bills. Now we get it.

Well, since summer break isn’t happening for any American adult in the near future, I’m trying to bring back just a little bit of it in my own life. 3 days here, 2 days there. Little bits of break sprinkled throughout the summer. Like funfetti. Who’s with me?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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