Sweat The Giant Stuff

A month ago, I had a whole set of priorities. And I thought they were in the right order. How funny.

Then something happened and my life was instantaneously reordered. The things that I thought were giant, those things are small now. And not only do I not sweat those small things, I physically can’t. Don’t even have the mental space or capacity to.

And the things that felt smaller last month, those things are giant now. And those are the things we need to be sweating. I can’t tell other people what priorities are the most important, but we definitely get the message that beauty and money and cars rank at the top of the list. And they don’t. They so don’t. People are at the top of the list. The people you love and who love you back.

I’ve been given the most bittersweet gift of my life. The gift of perspective. A lesson I wish I hadn’t learned, but that I’ll treasure. I’m involuntarily wiser than I was a few weeks ago. And so instead of just not sweating the small stuff, I’m going to sweat the giant stuff. It deserves our effort.

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