In The Quest For Success: Choosing When To Say No

Excellent performance at your job is what you expect will help you advance professionally. Partly, this is true. But modern society requires a whole bunch more if you want to become a respected and well-known expert in your field. Volunteer work in the community, pro bono cases, serving on committees and sitting on boards. Speaking … Continue reading In The Quest For Success: Choosing When To Say No

The Yoga Room

I have to say, this Saturday morning really outdid itself. We got up promptly at 7:00 am, like I always say I'm going to but never actually do. Made some nice lattes while my partner took the dog out and watched the fog rising off of Boston. I was able to clean up around the … Continue reading The Yoga Room

My Thai Vegan Cafe

Last night, a friend and I ventured to Boston's Chinatown. Not the most friendly neighborhood in Boston for women walking solo at night. Nevertheless, we both found our way to My Thai, touted online as the best and the only vegan restaurant located in the downtown area. Boston, sadly, seriously lacks a lot of veg-friendly … Continue reading My Thai Vegan Cafe