My Thai Vegan Cafe

my thaiLast night, a friend and I ventured to Boston’s Chinatown. Not the most friendly neighborhood in Boston for women walking solo at night. Nevertheless, we both found our way to My Thai, touted online as the best and the only vegan restaurant located in the downtown area. Boston, sadly, seriously lacks a lot of veg-friendly restaurants. I was so excited to try this one out, simply because it’s the only one of its kind anywhere near my office.

The online reviews had warned us about the external appearance of this restaurant. And I still wasn’t prepared. The door didn’t have a handle, but instead a hole that I had to force myself to put one finger in and whip open the door before any germs found their way onto my hand. Then you climb a rickety, dirty old staircase and find yourself in an enormous, frigid dining room on the second floor. My first and only disappointment came when I realized they didn’t serve wine. Bummer. For all my newfound veganism, I still very much enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner, whether it’s “vegan” or not. However, this did indicate to me that this restaurant takes their veganism seriously, and we could count on the food to be animal-product-free.

The missing wine is where the disappointment ended. I ordered vermicelli curry with tofu and a whole bunch of mixed vegetables, with a miso soup to start. Despite the fact that my friend and I had to wear our down coats to eat (the windows are drafty!), the food was delicious. For the vegans in downtown Boston, this is not to be missed. As with most truly vegan meals, I scarfed down the whole plate and yet left without feeling heavy or tired.

I’m thinking this may be a place I visit more often in the summer. For now, go wearing layers, prepare yourself for a less than stellar entrance and avoid the bathroom. Said friend described it as an “igloo.” And yet, the awesome vegan food made this adventure worth it.

2 thoughts on “My Thai Vegan Cafe

  1. lawmrh says:

    Kudos on intrepid adventurism. In my experience, some of the best food is found in places best described as a “dive.”

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