The Yoga Room

I have to say, this Saturday morning really outdid itself. We got up promptly at 7:00 am, like I always say I’m going to but never actually do. Made some nice lattes while my partner took the dog out and watched the fog rising off of Boston. I was able to clean up around the apartment, poke around on the internet and prepare myself for my first yoga class at The Yoga Room. And by prepare, I mean drink some water and get dressed.

A few weeks back, a neighbor suggested I check this particular studio out, and recommended the French instructor, JB. As it turns out, this suggestion dovetailed perfectly with 2014’s emphasis on mindfulness and an uptick in my personal yoga practice. Presto! I bought the newbie package, unlimited yoga for 2 weeks. And this was my first class. I should take more neighborly advice. The class was terrific. I’m a yoga novice, so took the vinyasa 1/2. Only 16 people fit comfortably in the room so it’s a relatively small class and a cozy atmosphere. JB didn’t disappoint. But, I’m a sucker for French accents.

The Yoga RoomThe Yoga Room is nestled in an historic building in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood. Much to my delight, when I arrived, we were directed into a warm, dark room, made entirely of wood with a massive old chandelier hanging in the middle and a fireplace at the front. The space felt cloaked in comfort, a nice contrast to the bright, perky gyms and studios that seem to pop up everywhere. Even more to my delight were my fellow yoga students, all calm and friendly, not even a whisper of competitive edge throughout the whole class.

JB managed to challenge us as a whole, ratcheting the level up or down based on the collective abilities of his students in the room. And just at the moments I felt I would tumble over, he’d ratchet it back down. He’s certainly in tune, I’d say. What better measure of a yogi? All in all, a great experience to top off a great morning.


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