Beat Hotel (not a hotel)

Last Tuesday night, as the rain came pouring down, my mother and I ventured out, to Harvard Square, a reliably fun neighborhood. Specifically, our taste buds drew us to Beat Hotel, a funky little establishment that has taken over the space in which The Tannery used to live.

beat hotelBeat Hotel is not an actual hotel, but a warm, inviting brasserie with two bars, great cocktails, vegan options and live music. The atmosphere is cool, slightly hipster and the crowd is diverse. Mom enjoyed a well-made martini and I reveled in my “Macintosh,” a concoction that lives under the “Bubbly Cocktails” part of the menu and features apple brandy.

Mom and I split a large salad and both ordered one of the vegan main dishes. Beat Hotel offers the Inca Bowl and the Earth Bowl. When it’s tough to find a warm, hearty, comforting vegan dinner in the dreary heart of winter, this is the place to go. Yes, they were delicious, and my Earth Bowl even had a spicy soy sauce for a little extra heat. If you’re a follower of Joel Fuhrman, or otherwise eschewing the use of oils in your cooking, beware, as the bowls went a little oil heavy.

As our meal was winding down, the live music began and the crowds began to arrive. A merry, cozy and yummy restaurant to relax after work.

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