Quick Tip: Productivity

When I get to work on a Monday or, even more frightening, on a Tuesday after a long weekend, there is generally a whole pile of work that needs to be dealt with, or lingering large projects that haven’t been attended to for two or three days. I’ve developed a coping skill for those first moments of the work day. If you’re someone who gets overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work you have, listen up! drseuss

Go into work knowing exactly what your first task will be, something that will take 10 minutes or less, and do it first without looking at your emails, or your briefs, or listening to your voicemails. JUST DO IT. Get that one task done, then take a moment to realize that by 9:10 am, you can already cross one thing off your list.

Accomplishing that first little task sets the tone for the whole day, gets your feet wet back at the office, makes you feel (even a little bit) accomplished and gets the ball rolling down that mountain of work!

What’s your best tip for getting motivated on Monday?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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