City Landing

I can't take credit for this discovery. My partner did the work of unearthing this vegan gem in downtown Boston. When it comes to fine vegan dining, a suitable restaurant can be tough to find. But City Landing has a "regular" menu as well as gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free and vegan options. Be honest: does it … Continue reading City Landing

10 Reasons To Date a Long Distance Runner.

Absolutely worth a re-blog. I agree with every piece of this!

We Run For Cupcakes


It’s national love day. It’s Oregon’s birthday. It is the completion of a hellish week in the school of dental hygiene. I am exhausted. But. This post needs to be shared.

The preface is this: I am not touting my unattached status. Technically, I’m married. To school, that is. It isn’t the healthiest relationship, as it takes up all of my time and currently gives little in return. I’m told that my patience and perseverance will be rewarded in the end, and it will become a mutually beneficial relationship come August 2015. Crossing my fingers. Plus, any and all free time is filled with running. Sorry, boys.


While I am not a large fan of obligatory displays of love and affection fueled by Hallmark and would much prefer chocolate, flowers, or a covered race entry fee on a random Wednesday, I want to give a shout out to my fellow…

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All of us who live in "the north" understand that winter is something to be endured. They are rare occasions, indeed, when we have a snow day and are able to actually sled or ski or otherwise amuse ourselves with a winter sporting activitiy. Even rarer still, for some reason, are those romanticized evenings in … Continue reading Winter