City Landing

I can’t take credit for this discovery. My partner did the work of unearthing this vegan gem in downtown Boston. When it comes to fine vegan dining, a suitable restaurant can be tough to find. But City Landing has a “regular” menu as well as gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free and vegan options. Be honest: does it get better than that? Options, options, options. We Americans like our freedom of choice.

photo (5)Inside, the restaurant is elegant. The bar is located to the left when you enter, the dining room on the right so that those enjoying a meal don’t have to compete with the noise of a bar. Soft lighting, a relaxed atmosphere with the Rose Kennedy Greenway illuminated outside. Perfect for a date night.

Our first visit to City Landing was two weeks ago, and we tried nearly everything on the vegan menu. My entree was the standout, though, with vegan sweet potato ravioli and curried seitan. We returned for a second round just last night. I enjoyed the vegan fried rice with baby vegetables. Eric couldn’t help finishing mine once he was done with his buffalo meatloaf. This restaurant has something for everyone…options galore. I stuck with my vegan fare and was delighted with the food. And Eric, although a carnivore, was able to swap out goat cheese for soy-based cheese and order dairy free sides with his main dish.

We plan on returning frequently, as this restaurant will be even more spectacular during the summer months as it’s situated where the ferry drops off at the Aquarium. This means you’re right by the water and by the Greenway, both perfect for a leisurely post-meal stroll when Boston finally thaws out.

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