4 Days Without A Phone

By choice, and while on vacation, I shut my iphone off completely. I checked email once a day on a computer that’s not even mine. And guess what? The world didn’t end.

We were in the Dominican Republic. A beautiful country, filled with absolutely wonderful people. And the beaches were magnificent.

Dominican beach


The DR was a place of great meaning and purpose for my little brother Mike. Now I can see why.

5 thoughts on “4 Days Without A Phone

  1. lawmrh says:

    Sounds like the way to go. It’s hard to do, though. For example, someone made the news recently for going after a dropped iPhone that fell in a drainage pipe and then getting herself wedged in the pipe until the fire department’s rescue! We are too technology-addicted. And just this morning I read actor Paul Bettany’s comment in USA Today concerning technology. He has a home in the Vermont woods that he’d wired with Internet and Wi-fi but when people visited, he found they were always working. So Bettany tore it all out and only kept a land line! Guess you have to go cold turkey like that.

    As for the DR, I have a lawyer friend who loves it there. He has a place off the grid there and has traveled to it for many years. But he can’t completely disconnect himself from work and still keep his practice as he will spend months there at a time. He manages his practice and clients via technology, especially Skype. But what a life!

    • thelimberlawyer says:

      Thanks so much for the comment! What an interesting dichotomy technology has created in our world. It can be very freeing in that you don’t have to work in your office all the time, and you don’t have to be tethered to a computer. And yet, constantly staring at your iphone screen certainly isn’t healthy either.

      I’m interested in how I choose to handle this as I get a little bit older and have more professional autonomy (hopefully). For now, tech-free vacations will do! How do you handle this tech obsession?

  2. recoveringparalegal says:

    Yes, breaking free from a traditional office truly is the answer for many – and not just on vacation. The goal is to be free from ever having to ask any other human being if you can go eat a meal, have a bathroom break, or travel to a different city for a few days. The typical employment arrangement is broken. Being an employee is a horrible predicament.

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