Harper Lee & The Lawyer’s Dog

This lawyer (and her beau) adopted a rescue dog. She had a tough start to her life, and spent three long days on a bus from Texas to be delivered into our loving arms.

When we discussed naming our new pup, many of my legal idols were considered. And since Ruth Bader Ginsburg was way too long, but “Ruth” didn’t provide enough legal context, we went with Scout. The intrepid young daughter of famed Atticus, the hero of Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird.” This book lit my soul on fire so many years ago when I first read it.

The day we took Scout home, we watched the film. Gregory Peck never disappoints.

Scout has now settled into our family, and is a daily reminder of fighting the good fight, even when the odds are stacked against us. Tell me there isn’t justice burning in this dog’s eyes:


Newest Family Member

3 thoughts on “Harper Lee & The Lawyer’s Dog

  1. lawmrh says:

    Congratulations on adopting Scout. Such soulful passion in her eyes. Can’t say enough good things about rescue and shelter dogs. We have two and they are the best.

  2. lawmrh says:

    We have Midnight, a lab mix and Caitlin, a German shepherd mix. Midnight is now 12. He was my late father’s beloved dog who he rescued at 10 months from the county animal shelter the day before he was scheduled to be euthanized. We have had this super sweet boy for almost 3 years now. Caitlin was a skinny forlorn stray wandering the neighborhood of my former office. She was rescued by our building property manager who then tried to place her. But it was love at first sight when she made herself at home in my office. They are just the best and helped us ease our grief when our wonderful Doberman, Anna, crossed the Rainbow Bridge a year ago this past Christmas.

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