Perspective Retrospective

I didn’t publish anything for two years until, suddently, I did. Looking back over the year, I can only do a perspective retrospective, because 2016 brought me back to my blog. And if there is one thing on my mind, it is this: why do we shrink from things? So many questions related to this phenomenon!

If someone walks into your office and offers you a big, scary, but awesome opportunity – some people may snap it up and breezily handle it with ease, but some of us are saddled with fear and are paralyzed with indecision. WHY?

When a difficult, bad or embarrassing event comes whipping through your life with gale force winds, some of us blog about it and face down that dragon with fearlessness, but a lot of us retreat to the den with a hot tea, blanket and a book to suffer through things alone. I’ve spoken to friends a lot this year about the urge to retreat. I fight it daily, and that battle will continue, but my little tribe helps me resist and fight on, outwardly, powerfully, and confidently.

Some days, I’m ready to fight dragons, some days I need tea. But the end of 2016 has brought me one thing for sure, I want to spend fewer days shrinking. I want to get my blog back on track and I want to snap up all of the fun, challenging opportunities that come my way.

But my most important goal for 2017 is to hang onto this newfound freedom of thought and expression. It had withered and struggled, and shrank, while my brain focused on healing. I want to feel strong in body and mind, and make sure I’m doing the things that make me feel happy and whole. Bringing my blog back represents all of this for me. And 2016, with all of its horrible warts, at the very least brought me back to myself.

via Discover Challenge: Retrospective

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