Something To Lose

Geopolitically, it feels like the world is in shambles. Let’s be real, the world really is in shambles.

But when I look back on my own 2016, personally, it’s been just about the best year ever.  And it brings to mind one of my most memorable Sex And The City quotes: “”I have everything I ever wanted. I am so happy that I’m terrified. Nobody gets everything that they want.” Ah, Charlotte. For Sex And The City fans, Charlotte’s pollyanna attitude could be tiring at times. But I found this moment to be very real; I think a lot of us have felt something along these lines.

Everything is clicking along wonderfully. And then…paralysis. What if…. What if…. What if…. And your mind spins out in a million harrowing, gruesome directions.

What if one of us got sick? What if we were in an accident? What if something went very wrong in one of our careers? What if it all just went up in smoke?

This, everyone, is a necessary byproduct of happiness. Happiness means you now have quite a bit to lose. And quite a bit to protect. And quite a bit to love.

Happiness is when the good days are so good, they’re delicious. And the bad days don’t hurt so much anymore. It redefines the tough stuff, gifts you with perspective, and makes you appreciate the little things. It makes you more worried, more on edge, more game for a confrontation when threatened. Happiness; it’s complicated.

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