Well, I failed.

In my last post, I shared a little bit about how I try to achieve balance among my competing interests.  Full disclosure: I completely failed at balancing anything this week.  I had such good intentions, but work, bar association events, socializing and general fatigue all got in the way, all at the same time. I … Continue reading Well, I failed.


We have The Flu.  Or, more accurately, he has The Flu.  This distinction is meaningless to me. Watching someone you love suffer is a terrible kind of torture.  The Flu is one of those afflictions during which, despite tailoring the medications to the symptoms, the sufferer does not really get any relief.  Therefore, I am … Continue reading Influenza

Love at first type.

I started blogging one week ago.  7 days, 7 blogs.  Is it love at first type?  Possibly.  I have a new found appreciation and respect for writers.  Putting your personal thoughts out there for everyone to read is scary, to say the least.  News outlets are constantly covering stories about online bullying and sometimes, the comments section … Continue reading Love at first type.